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I was attempting to post a question to your board.  I'm not clear if I was successful in logging in or not.  However, I will post the question to this email.  Hopefully this will be a reasonable format for asking the question.

The question:

I have configured a Raspberry Pi 4 with a LAMP stack and a Wordpress website.  Unfortunately after the site was successfully published, I realized that I was unable to access the website from the public side.  I was able to view the website from within my local network.

I set up Port Forwarding successfully and established a static IP address for Raspberry Pi.  I am asking this question to determine if the dnsmasq application may help me solve this problem.  I realize there are a number of "tunneling" solutions, however I am looking for a solution that will allow visitors to type in the public WWW url address and view the website.  It is important that public visitors can access the website from the "normal" URL address.

DNSmasq is primarily for providing DNS responses for hosts on your local network.   The DNS responses could be to help hosts on your network find your LAMP stack or resolving DNS for things on the internet.  Without it, hosts on your local network likely can only find things on the internet, but can't find things locally by name.

You are looking to have hosts out on the internet find a host that is on your network which is basically the reverse problem. There are two ways you might approach this problem.

1) Register a domain with a registrar and have them host DNS records for you.   This is probably more complication than you want to take on today.

2) Sign up with a dynamic DNS company and use a client on your local network or your router to regularly update the DNS record at the DDNS provider.    Then your LAMP stack could be found by others by doing to <LAMPSTACK>@DDNS.com or something like that.   Google DDNS provider and you can find a bunch of companies that provide this service and many are free.   You might even see if your router directly supports one of these providers making the integration and automatic updates easy.


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