I am working on replacing static IP addresses in our network by static DHCP 
leases (which is in turn preparation for PXE). For IPv4, this is easily doable, 
but for IPv6 this is a bit of a challenge because of the following:

In our case, all services directly attached to the internet are dual-stack. We 
make IPv6 addresses easy to remember by placing corresponding /32s in the last 
32 bits of /128s. For example,'s dual-stack IPv6 address would 
become 2a01:ac00::$something:98:98:98:98. That way, we only have to remember 
our prefix and the IPv4 address, increasing IPv6 adoption rates.

Of course, when providing our network with IPv6 addresses by DHCP, this will 
become a bit of a challenge. I would not expect dnsmasq to support this very 
specific way of assigning IPv6 addresses, but I am wondering if others on the 
mailing list use a similar address format, and if so, how they have automated 
this. Especially as I would have to link the IPv6 and IPv4 addresses on the 
DHCP side.

Ideas are welcome.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

William Edwards
T. 040 - 711 44 96
E. wedwa...@cyberfusion.nl

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