On 23/04/2020 20:49, Simon Kelley wrote:

> According to RFC 4291 Para 2.2, a mixed representation is possible, for
> instance ipv6-mapped IPv4 addresses can be written as
> ::ffff.
> So you could use something like 2a01:ac00::$something:
> and not have problems if octets in your address are greater than 99.
> Dnsmasq uses the standard libc address-parsing functions which should
> support this format, BUT the option parsing code may have difficulty
> recognizing such addresses as IPv6 addresses, I shall take a look......

Replying to myself, the mixed-mode IPv6 address representation works in
dhcp-host, so


works fine.

Such addresses don't work in dhcp-option, but I just pushed a patch to
the git repo which addresses that.



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