The man page sayeth: 

Read all the hosts files contained in the directory. New or changed files are 
read automatically. See --dhcp-hostsdir for details.

This is equivalent to --dhcp-hostsfile, except for the following. The path MUST 
be a directory, and not an individual file. Changed or new files within the 
directory are read automatically, without the need to send SIGHUP. If a file is 
deleted or changed after it has been read by dnsmasq, then the host record it 
contained will remain until dnsmasq receives a SIGHUP, or is restarted; ie host 
records are only added dynamically.

To re-iterate:

Host entries from dynamically read files will remain in dnsmasq’s memory if 
removed from those file/s unless dnsmasq is persuaded to forget them, either by 
SIGHUP or a complete restart.

Personally I would find it a welcome option if dnsmasq could also dynamically 
forget entries.  I suspect it is not as simple as it sounds otherwise it would 
have been implemented.
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