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> The “toxic waste” names are a “use case” in the sense that people keep asking 
> about. The identified need for a default namespace in the homenet protocols 
> represents another use case.

There are many use cases for reserving names under 6761 or an updated version 
of it. We saw that last year: people have an unlimited imagination on how to 
use such special names… good or bad, this is not the question.

It could be tempting for the problem statement to list all of those use cases. 
Actually, if 6761 did not exist, that might even have been the right thing to 
do. But this is not where we are now.

Where we are is that the iETF ran into a number of issues running both the 
process and the registry described in RFC6761. Draft-adpkja is attempting to 
list those issues, first by looking at process issues (section 3), then issues 
related to the operation of the registry (section 4), and, at last, looking at 
issues related to the strings under consideration themselves (section 4). The 
perspective taken by the authors is that these set of issues are real. Each of 
them need to, and can be, addressed. Hence a problem statement that focuses 
narrowly on something that can be fixed as opposed to boiling the ocean listing 
issues that, if the discussion from the last 18 months is any guidance, the 
working group may never reach consensus on.

Alain, strictly speaking on my own behalf, not my employer’s.

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