On 08/12/2017 12:35 PM, Ted Lemon wrote:
> The document does the right thing on that front, as far as that goes,
> but if this is to be effective I think that it shouldn't be an aside,
> but should be the main point of the document.   That is, the title of
> the document should be "DNS servers should return NXDOMAIN for
> localhost" and the abstract should say why, and then the bit about
> stub resolvers translating "localhost" to a reachable identifier for
> the localhost such as 127.1 or ::1 should be the thing that's
> mentioned as an aside.
I agree, this seems like a good addition to the doc. It makes explicit
what we've discussed on-list, and it codifies what is already common
practice in the wild, along with justification.

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