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> While the chair notes awareness of the point I raised, I’d like the be
> explicit to avoid any confusion.
> This document is *not* ready for publication. There is no implementation
> report available for review and consideration.

(After reading other messages in this thread) I tend to agree.  Even
after careful reviews of protocol text, an attempt of actually
implementing it often reveals non-negligible issues that were
overlooked in the review.  Of course, it's a different question
whether dnsop adopts the requirement as a general rule for any
documents (although I would support the idea personally), at least in
this particular case I think it makes sense because:
- right now there's no known implementation of the latest version of
  the draft
- there seems to be some reasonable expectation that Knot will support
  the latest version not far from now
So it makes sense to me to hold off at least until Knot (or any other
implementation) actually adds
support for it or a sufficient amount of time (a couple of weeks?)
elapses without a news.  In the latter case we might discuss whether
we should make a compromise to move forward at that point.

JINMEI, Tatuya

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