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I have reframed my draft "Democracy is Online 2.0" article into a
working draft for a future -potential- "E-Democracy E-Book."  I plan
to promote access to the full draft (HTML and MSWord) on the web next


The text sections released via DO-WIRE last May have not been
redrafted.  I won't have a chance to revisit this article/book until
after the U.S. election.  I received lots of positive feedback from
draft release and unfortunately no sharp attacks challenging me to
think harder about what I wrote.  The one negative is that it is way
too long to be an article and too short to be a book.  So I am
considering ways to break it down into shorter articles and opinion
editorials and then if I can find the time and support put it all
back together is some sort of comprehensive book.  Perhaps! I
struggle between "doing democracy" versus time for reflecting on what
I've learned and envisioning what the future could/should hold.

If you find any technical errors or have other suggestions before I
left people beyond DO-WIRE know that the draft is available, drop me

Steven Clift
Democracies Online Newswire

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