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E-Democracy E-Book - Democracy is Online 2.0

   Are you surviving the great politics online hype wave
   this U.S. election season?

   Wondering what really makes a sustained difference with
   politics, citizen involvement and governance online?

For a comprehensive review on the use of the Internet in
democracy visit Steven Clift's newly released public draft
"E-Democracy E-Book: Democracy is Online 2.0" web site


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E-Democracy E-Book - Table of Contents Below

Based on almost a decade of direct online democracy
experience, this working draft represents the best of what
Steven Clift has discovered and has to say about the
contribution of government, media, candidates, political
parties, advocacy groups, the private sector, and most
importantly citizens to the present and future of
"democracy online."  He welcomes your input and feedback.

Bottom line: Election information and online voting are
just the tip of the iceberg.  Time to wake up and build the
other 95 percent of democracy online by doing your part

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The E-Democracy E-Book:
Democracy is Online 2.0

Table of Contents

1 - Introduction
  Online Voting – Just Part of Democracy Online Democracy
  Online is Participatory

2 - Government Online - E-Government
  Representatives and Decision-making Online Leading
  Government Online Support for Democracy Examples
  Policy and Research Agenda

3 - Media Online and the .Com World
  Election News and Information and Online
  Policy and Research Agenda

4 - Candidates and Political Parties Online
  After the Election - Still Campaigning?
  Research and Lessons

5 - Advocacy Online

6 - The Private Sector and Internet Infrastructure
  Free E-mail Lists
  Open Source for Democracy
  Open Standards – Information Sharing and Geographic

7 - Building Civic Life Online
  Minnesota E-Democracy - Moving the Model Forward
  Minnesota Forums

8 – Conclusion - Now the Big Picture, Make that the Bigger
  Democracies Online - An Incremental Contribution
  Let’s Create The Public Internet
  Public Internet Consortium

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About Steven Clift

Steven Clift is an online strategies consultant focused on
the use of the Internet in democracy, governance, and
community. He seeks to fundamentally improve democracy and
citizen participation through the use of the Internet. From
his local community up through global networks he is
changing the world one e-mail at a time.   He is an adviser
to the Markle Foundation for their Web White & Blue 2000
online election information partnership and served as
Project Coordinator in 1998. He is also Board Chair of
Minnesota E-Democracy, a non-profit organization which
created the world's first election-oriented web site in
1994 and hosts ongoing citizen discussions on state and
community affairs.

A frequent media commentator, he shares information, news,
and advice to over 1200 subscribers via his Democracies
Online Newswire service as well as through his public
presentations in seventeen countries over the last four
years. As part of Democracies Online, he recently launched
the Parliaments Online Forum which networks online leaders
from parliaments and legislators around the world.  He
served as Co-Editor for the G8 Democracy and Government
Online Services Publication which was released in January
1999. His article "Democracy is Online" appeared on the
cover of the Internet Society's OnTheInternet magazine in
April 1998.

He previously served as a consultant to the Markle
Foundation's E-mail for All public outreach effort in 1998.
For three years until September 1997, he coordinated the
State of Minnesota's government-wide online efforts and
served as the Executive Director for the Minnesota
Government Information Access Council. While attending
graduate school at the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of
Public Affairs, University of Minnesota he worked for the
Center for Democracy and Citizenship from 1991 to 1993
where he also started the online Public Policy Network in

He is a fourth generation Minnesotan who was raised in the
Twin Cities and the Mississippi River town of Winona,
Minnesota.  When not speaking abroad he works out of the
Uptown area in Minneapolis.

Visit Publicus.Net for more information:

Contact Information:

           Steven Clift
           3424 Fremont Avenue South
           Minneapolis, MN 55408

           E-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
           Telephone: +1-612-822-8667

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Steven L. Clift    -    W: http://www.publicus.net
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Minnesota  -   -   -   -   -    T: +1.612.822.8667
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