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The full report 24 page report from Pew Internet:

Modest increase in Internet use for campaign 2002
Political Sites Gain, But Major News Sites Still Dominate
January 5, 2003

Do you have more numbers for 2002?  I am keeping my eye on
<http://www.ipdi.org> and <http://www.politicalweb.info>.  Where else
should we watch?

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

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RFR News: Jan. 7, 2003

The New York Times ran a piece this morning about
the growing number of people who go to the Internet
for election news. (There's no byline on the story, but
I wrote it.)

The survey by the Pew Research Center and the Pew
Internet Project shows that the proportion of people
using the Internet for election news is growing quite
a bit, up to 13 percent in 2002 from 6 percent who had
done so in the last midterm election in 1998.

Some interesting details deep in the report show that
those early adopters, the white, male, wealthy, well-
educated group, are really digging for candidates'
issue positions and voting records. It's a small number
now, but the big question is, will more Internet users
join that group as they build more experience online?

Also, the general population is going to candidate Web
sites and issue sites in growing numbers, but the
proportion of users who actually donate money online is
small, at 5 percent.

Here's a link to the story:


Here's a link to the full report:



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