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Tim does a great job demonstrating how e-mail can be used to bring a
diverse group of people together for deliberation and dialogue.

Steven Clift
Democracies Online

P.S. He is also an E-Democracy volunteer who is leading efforts to
develop our St. Paul Issues Forum:

And some recent press coverage "ST. PAUL: City issues aired via
Internet":  http://www.twincities.com/mld/twincities/5026678.htm

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Date sent:              Mon, 03 Feb 2003 01:39:41 -0600
Subject:                Politalk: Inspections Or Invasion
From:                   Tim Erickson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

            ANNOUNCEMENT: Please Forward
         Politalk & TIESWeb Present the next
   'Transatlantic Perspectives' online discussion:
           IRAQ - Inspections or Invasion?

                Jan 29 - Feb 21, 2003
      mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Join with citizens, leaders of civil society, and scholars from the
United States and European Union, as we discuss and debate the
Transatlantic gulf in opinion regarding a potential war in Iraq. This
special online event will provide you with an opportunity to ask
questions, share opinions, and inform yourself about this important
topic. (See discussion questions listed below)

               Week 2: Participate In

During week 2 (Feb 10-14), there will be opportunities for some
participants to take part in small group discussions in languages
other than English. Volunteers will summarize these discussions and
report back to the full group in English.

To participate in this e-mail discussion, send a blank e-mail to:

       mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

       - Why Iraq and not North Korea?
       - Is a preemptive strike justifiable?
       - Are Inspections working? And why?
       - How united is Europe on this issue?
       - Is the American public ready for war?

             For more information, visit:

               This event is part of:

             Transatlantic Perspectives
 Quarterly online discussions and debates on issues
    important to the transatlantic relationship.

Politalk                                   TIESWeb
http://www.politalk.com         http://www.TIESWeb.org

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