Jean Weber wrote:
Additional info: the formatting problems are probably in the chapter files.
The x-ref problems could be, too, but probably are not. I didn’t check.


On Wed, 29 Jun 2022 at 06:24 Jean Weber <> wrote:

I was looking at the PDF in the ForWiki folder, which I assume was
exported from the ODT.

This may be related to a bug years ago that caused some books compiled
using an ODM to have x-ref problems. That bug may still be lurking. For
years I compiled books by copy-and-paste instead of using an ODM, to avoid
this bug.

Of course it could be something else causing the problems. But it is
another good example of why one needs to carefully check a compiled book
for errors.



Yes the PDF was created from the ODT, but one that deleted the Table of Contents. That Could account for a lot of the problems with x-refs as page numbers definitely would be off.

I will recreate the PDF from the complete ODT and see what that yields, and then start tearing the chapter files apart again if it does not help the other problems.

Thank yoiu so much for all your help. It has been greatly appreciated through my admittedly rough indoctrination into the area copy editing.

On Wed, 29 Jun 2022 at 04:12 Keith N. McKenna <>


What file were you looking at so I know where to go to start and hunt
them down. Was it the ODT file in the ForWiki folder, or in the ODM file
at the top level.


Jean Weber wrote:
Looking more closely at the compiled book, I found a lot of formatting
and other errors. I started recording them here, but I've given up.
These will give you the general idea of the errors I found. Some (such
as incorrect x-refs) are more important than others. --Jean

Page 3, near the top, "What You See May Be Different" should be a
Heading 1.
Page 63, There appears to be an extra table row below the Tip, causing
an extra border to appear.
Page 124, There is a blank table row at the top of the page.
Page 154, Figure 136 falls into the bottom footer/margin, probably
caused by an extra-large space above the heading "Rulers". This space
appears to be due to the frame enclosing Figure 134.
Page 178, blank page, should be removed.
Page 181, Extra blank paragraph at top of page, pushing the heading
down. Remove blank paragraph.
Page 186: step 1), "Error: Reference source not found"
Page 187, page break leaving large space at bottom for no apparent
Page 188, Figure 164 is too far off to the right, probably not
anchored correctly.
Page 210, Figure 187 is escaping off the top of the page. Probably not
anchored correctly.
Page 220, Too much space above heading "Creating Reports"

Incorrect x-refs: (I have no idea how these got all goofed up). There
probably are more.
Page 122, x-ref to Figure 124 should be to Figure 107.
Page 137, x-ref to Figure 121 should be to Figure 123. X-ref to Figure
123 (near bottom of page) should be to Figure 124.
Page 138, x-ref to Figure 121 should be to Figure 123.
Page 141, x-ref to Figure 117 should be to Figure 126.
Page 146, x-ref to Figure 111 should be to Figure 129. X-ref to Figure
110 (near bottom of page) should be to Figure 128.
Page 147, x-ref to Figure 109 (near bottom of page) should be to Figure
Page 149, x-ref to Figure 108 should be to Figure 132.
Page 154, x-ref to Figure 151 should be to Figure 135.
Page 165, x-ref to Figure 148 should be to Figure 151. x-ref to Figure
147 should be to Figure 152.
Page 169, x-ref to Figure 146 should be to Figure 153. x-ref to Figure
145 should be to Figure 154.
Page 170, x-ref to Figure 139 should be to Figure 154. x-ref to Figure
143 should be to Figure 155.
Page 173, x-ref to Figure 140 should be to Figure 156. x-ref to Figure
138 should be to Figure 157.

In addition, some headings are in the wrong font and/or font size.
There may be more.
Page 104: "Formatting Numbers"
Page. 135: "Adding Pictures or Objects to a Slide"
Page 194, "Entering Data With the New Form"
Page 195: "Modify the Form", "Using the Wizard...", and "Making the
Page 200, "Laying out a Form..." and "Making the Form"
Page 203, "Navigation Bar" and "Adding a List Box"
Page 205, "Changing the Tab Order"
Page 216, "Make a Query With..."
Page 217, "Query with Two..."
Page 218, "Query that Summarizes..." and "Query Summarizing..."

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