On 2022-07-08 at 10:27, Dick Groskamp <th.grosk...@quicknet.nl> wrote:
>Op 7-7-2022 om 19:58 schreef Keith N. McKenna:
>> F Campos Costero wrote:

>I think I fixed a lot of the issues already (as well as some others I 
>I'm happy to put my fixed files somewhere on GitHub sothat everyone can 
>use them or have a look at them.
>That way we should have a fixed point to go forwards from
>For now I'm starting to work on the x-ref errorsĀ  (all errors before 
>that from Jeans mail should have been fixed I think)
>Apache OpenOffice 4.1.12 (Dutch) and scanned with Ziggo Safe Online


Putting them on GitHub would be great. The best place I believe would be to
put them in the Review folder for Getting Started. That way we know they are
to be reviewed and then moved to the top level folder.

Just a question for you. Why individual mails to each of us rather than a
replt to doc@? That is the reason for the list so that all communications
relevant to documentation is in one place. I know there are others that follow


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