That’s exactly what I was going to suggest.  (ie passing the “-o” and the 
file-name as separate parameters).
Some time ago when I got Saxon 6.5.5 working from Ant that’s exactly what I had 
to do.
Saxon 9 takes “-o:file-name”, ie the colon means that it is a single keyword, 
where Saxon 6 makes it two “-o file-name”.


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From: Dominik Psenner []
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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Gradle build cross-platform - trouble with Saxon 
6.5.5 params under Windows

2017-08-10 8:30 GMT+02:00 Dave Pawson 
Worth asking on the docbook-apps list Peter?

This is the docbooks-apps list, isn't it?

I use 2 for other parts, but for my main (quite large) docbook build I use 1.
  I use ant.

Peter, you could try giving "-o" and "myoutputfile.xml" as separate arguments. 
If you would build this with Go-Cd, it would require you to configure the build 
task arguments like this:


and thus treating every line as a separate argument. Writing it like this would 
not work:

-o myoutputfile.xml

You could also try wrapping `myoutputfile.xml` in quotes.

On 10 August 2017 at 05:14, Peter Desjardins
<<>> wrote:
> Hi! I have a working Gradle build system that transforms DocBook 5.1
> (using an assembly) to a few output mediums. I'm using Saxon 6.5.5 and
> the DocBook XSLT 1.0 stylesheets (latest version). When a new writer
> chose to use Windows, the Gradle build broke when she ran it locally.
> Problem #1 is that the Gradle exec task that assembles the DocBook
> assembly using Saxon 6.5.5 won't work under Windows. Saxon complains
> that there's "no output file name." Gradle has a terrible problem
> consuming the "-o myoutputfile.xml" argument.  If I present the "-o"
> argument separately, Saxon claims that the output file name is
> missing. If I present a "-o myoutputfile.xml" argument, Saxon
> complains that  "-o myoutputfile.xml" isn't a recognized argument. Has
> anyone built a Gradle Exec task that runs Saxon 6.5.5 on Windows? It
> works just fine on Linux and MacOS.
> Question #2 is: Has anyone had trouble using Saxon9HE with the DocBook
> XSLT v1.0 stylesheets? The way the arguments for the later version of
> Saxon are structured work much better with Gradle.
> (-o:myoutputfile.xml.)
> I'm considering switching to the DocBook XSLT 2.0 stylesheets to work
> around this problem. That avoids mixing Saxon9HE with the DocBook XSLT
> 1.0 stylesheets. Has anyone had any trouble migrating to XSLT 2.0?
> Thanks for your help!
> Peter
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