Hi Suresh,

Did you end up using Docker in production for the multi-node HBase 
installation you spoke about? If so, how did it go? Would you mind sharing 
your learnings?

On Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 8:28:08 AM UTC-7, Suresh Srinivasan 
> Hello
>    We are planning to use Docker for our cluster setup and cluster 
> includes Hadoop, HBase, Storm and few others. We have created a docker 
> image and is working fine on a single node. But When we are trying to 
> install on multi node, we are facing some issues like Hadoop Master is not 
> able to talk to the slave node etc. I greatly appreciate if you point some 
> documentation on this and also wanted to know whether Docker is suited for 
> these kind of production environment. Please let me know.

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