Crane, maintained by dataman-cloud, is a docker control panel based on
latest docker release. Besides swarm features, Crane implements some badly
needed functionalities by enterprise user, such as private registries
authentation, ACL and application DAB(distributed application bundle)
sharing. The smart fuzzy search function give user quickly access to the
desired page. Crane can help storing registry auth pair, from where you can
choose a predefined registry auth pair when deploying a DAB, without the
need to docker login when access private image. Crane can also help sharing
your private images with your coworkers easily. Features Swarm features:
Portal every feature of swarm almost. Crane has highlighted the common
swarm functions and improved the user experiences through the friendly
frontend. Stack templates management: User can save a running stack as a
template, by which others can deploy repeatly. Image management: The
private image owned by user can be publiced to others. Fuzzy search: A
in-memory index maintained by the backend serves the function. Node
operation: Crane details about a node such as kernel version, docker info,
docker images and also containers running on the node. Network Management:
The overlay network CRUD. Registries Authentation Managment: You can save
your private registry username/password pair to Crane, with which a
to-be-deployed stack with restricted image access can attach. Webssh:
Command 'docker exec' is the magic behind it. GitHub´╝Ü

Demo Please visit Username:
adminadmin Note: the above is a demo site, unstable and maintainless.

Deshi Xiao
E-mail: xiaods(AT)

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