keeping up to date directives lists for syntax highlight in prettify.js can be tricky.

I've tried to ease the process.
The 2 commits in the subject line add a way to generate the needed list with the syntax expected by prettify.js. It also gives some information on where to put theses strings to help the crazy man who dares to make an update.

Not sure if updating the 2 locations is enough. (at least, the min.js version still has to be generated)

I'm not a xsl man at all. All I know is that it works, but not sure if it is done in the correct way.

So any feedback will be highly appreciated.

Comparing the line with PR_TAG with the existing list in trunk gives the following differences: - IfDirective|IfFile||IfSection: missing. Not really surprising. Not that old.
   - ProxyMatch|Macro: missing, even if old
   - ManagedDomain: should be MDomainSet
- LoadBalancer: ??? where does it comes from. This directives does not exist!
   - SSLPolicy: does not below to this list

So, definitively, helping the generation of theses long strings will help keeping them up-to-date.

I've not compared the list of all the directives. It's too long and elukey had updated it recently.

What puzzles me is: do section-directives (i.e. <VirtualHost>) should be in the first list? Actually, there are but I think they are superseded by the 2nd list.


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