On 04/07/2018 07:45 PM, Christophe Jaillet wrote:
> Le 07/04/2018 à 19:00, Christophe Jaillet a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> keeping up to date directives lists for syntax highlight in prettify.js can 
>> be tricky.
>> I've tried to ease the process.
>> The 2 commits in the subject line add a way to generate the needed list with 
>> the syntax expected by prettify.js.
>> It also gives some information on where to put theses strings to help the 
>> crazy man who dares to make an update.
>> Not sure if updating the 2 locations is enough. (at least, the min.js 
>> version still has to be generated)
>> I'm not a xsl man at all. All I know is that it works, but not sure if it is 
>> done in the correct way.
>> So any feedback will be highly appreciated.
>> Comparing the line with PR_TAG with the existing list in trunk gives the 
>> following differences:
>>     - IfDirective|IfFile||IfSection: missing. Not really surprising. Not 
>> that old.
>>     - ProxyMatch|Macro: missing, even if old
>>     - ManagedDomain: should be MDomainSet
>>     - LoadBalancer: ??? where does it comes from. This directives does not 
>> exist!
>>     - SSLPolicy: does not below to this list
>> So, definitively, helping the generation of theses long strings will help 
>> keeping them up-to-date.
>> I've not compared the list of all the directives. It's too long and elukey 
>> had updated it recently.
>> What puzzles me is: do section-directives (i.e. <VirtualHost>) should be in 
>> the first list? Actually, there are but I
>> think they are superseded by the 2nd list.
>> CJ
> The regex for PR_TAG is also different between 2.4.x and trunk.
> I've taken the syntax from trunk in the proposed xsl file.
> But, personally, looking at the differences, I think that the one in 2.4.x 
> gives a nicer output.

Agreed. 2.4 looks nice from my point of view.



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