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Em 07/04/2016 15:23, ptoye escreveu:
> I'm trying for the first time to edit a live help file and have come up
> against a few problems. *WARNING* I'm a Git virgin so please treat me
> kindly.

Git is the best tool for those who tamed it.

> Firstly, the Git tutorials that I've found assume that all files are in a
> single one-level directory structure. Easy for teaching, but not for real
> life! I cloned the help files into a local Git repository (that seemed to
> work OK) and edited a file.


> git status then tells me that help has modified content. If I do "git add
> help"

You only add files that are not yet under git control (e.g. new files).
If you modified an existing file under git control you will see the
differences with

- git diff (will show the diff between the edited file and the one in
the repository)

- git status (will tell you what files have been modified and what file
you have in your workspace that are not under git control)

 git status gives me exactly the same as before,Obviously I'm doing
> something wrong, but can't see what it is. Do I have to type the entire path
> & file name into the git add command?

To submit your changes you must "commit" them to your local copy of git.

git commit file1 file2 file3...
git commit -a (=all modified files that are under git controlled tree)

An editor will open to put your remarks on the changes you did. The
chosen editor depends on your git settings.

Once you save the contents and quit the editor, git commits the changes
in your local copy.

To submit your changes for revision, use git push (you must get a login
in the LO gerrit service.
https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/gerrit )

In summary, it is not that easy for the neophyte. But come to
#libreoffice-dev, #libreoffice-doc in Freenode IRC so we can help you on
the fly.

> Secondly, the LO Writer Help Authoring extension doesn't seem to be acting
> as advertised. Previously, I'd tried editing a few local help files, and so
> my document root was a test directory. As the wiki suggests I tried changing
> this, but the "Help Authoring|Set Document Root" menu item, asks me to set a
> directory, but "Help Authoring|Open File" still goes to the old root. Again,
> am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug?

Although HelpAuthoring has evolved a lot recently and is very usable it
still has some rough edges.

If you edit existing help files you don't need to set the document root,
it is already set for the old root.

P.S. Since I also had all the same issues as you in the begining, I
always save the changed files in a separate folder when I cross an issue
 in git/gerrit/logerrit/helpauthoring that I don't uderstand.

I hope this help you a bit

Olivier Hallot
Comunidade LibreOffice

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