2018-02-12 14:30 GMT+03:00 Olivier Hallot <olivier.hal...@libreoffice.org>:
> I only have a guess: make a difference with Calc functions. In some
> cases like Cos, Sin, and some VBA financial functions, the function name
> and results returned are the same.
Do I understand correctly that it is for this reason the functions in
Writer tables are called formulas? :)
Although in the other place they are called all the same functions.
Note: it is without some [NoRuntime], or [NoCalc]. or even [Writer].

> So I humbly beg to differ on the obstruction the reading of the Help. It
> does not affect my reading.
In the letter Jean-Francois Nifenecker talks about his book and lists the
names of the chapters. One of the chapters has the title "5 - Runtime
I have not read his book, but I guess he does not write about a Runtime
Library. Most likely he chose this name only because after each function in
the help we use the term Runtime.

In addition, I really do not understand why the user should confuse
functions from different modules.
For example:
Nowhere is it said that this is a function of Basic, and a beginner may not
even know that we note the functions of this module by the strange
expression [Runtime].
But the user still understands what he reads about the Basic function.
And I think that it would be more useful to specify explicitly: "A function
Basic that calculates the cosine of an angle." Instead of no one
understandable [Runtime].

> And please note that a change like this will trigger a set of
> translation rework.
Yes, we need to think about translation, and in this case it's 700+ lines.
But we also need to think about how to take out a garbage in time.
Otherwise, we will have only the garbage.

PS: I added Jean-Francois Nifenecker to CC. May be he knows what means
Because for me it still looks like "Cos Function [👌]"

Best regards,

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