Hi Folks,

One of the LO Documentation tasks I set myself to do over the weekend
was to bring over copies of the English LibreOffice content from the ODF
Authors Plone instance to our Nextcloud work-space. Things were going
well until NC started rejecting my uploads, complaining that we had run
out of disk space. It transpired that we had been using Olivier's
private share space, which appeared to have a 1Gb limit. Olivier
enlisted the help of Guilhem Moulin, who quickly set up a group folder
named "ODF Authors new", which if I understand correctly gives us a
work-space of 5 Gb and should be plenty for our requirements. As
previously suggested, I think we should change the folder name from "ODF
Authors new" to something more meaningful in order to reduce possible
confusion when speaking or writing about the 2 different work-spaces. It
appears that while I have been writing this email Guilhem has kindly
renamed the group folder to "LibreOffice Documentation" for us.

I will investigate bringing over the other Languages (Spanish, Italian,
Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia and Russian) next week. German, Brazilian
Portuguese and Turkish documentation contributors already have their own
Nextcloud folders established.

I have now copied over "_/most/_" (still a few odds and ends to clean
up) of the content from ODFAuthors to the new Nextcloud group folder,
excluding any of the old defunct Drafts and Feedback folders. I have
structured the English Nextcloud "LibreOffice Documentation" sub-folders
as follows:

  * Getting Started Guide
  * Calc Guide
  * Draw Guide
  * Impress Guide
  * Math Guide
  * Writer Guide
  * Archives (Explanation below)
  * Contributor Resources (For Templates and other potentially useful

The sub-folders for each Guide contain:

  * A sub-folder containing copies of the files for last published
    edition of the guide.
  * The working folders (eg. Drafts and Feedback) for the edition
    currently being developed. (See the Calc Guide for an example.)

The Archive folder has sub-folders for each guide and these sub-folders
contain zipped copies of the old previously published guide chapters and
Why zipped? Since there will be very little need or demand to refer back
to those old editions it conveniently eliminates the number of files
scattered around as they were on ODFAuthors. If there are other opinions
about this, please speak up at the next meeting, or post to the list and
if there is consensus I will extract to zip files into more sub-folders
and real files.

There has never been a complete Base guide published. Jean and Dan Lewis
did start work on a Base Guide back in 2013 and I propose to bring
copies of their work over to the Archives folder. The only Base
publication we have is the English translation of the "Base Handbook"
produced by the German language group, which I will be copying over
during this week.

Would those of you having access to Nextcloud please take a look at what
I have done and post back to the list if you think anything should be
changed or structured differently.


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