I have now copied last few English files over from ODFAuthors to Nextcloud:

Under Contributor Resources:

  * Folder AutoText = 2 files Using AutoText.odt & the associated ".bau"
    configuration file.
  * Folder Documentation Team Info = 5 files about Documentation
    workflow & using ODFAuthors
    Obviously these files require a major revision.
  * odtclean.py - The Python document cleanup script.
    Should have a small explanatory doc about what it is for and how to
    use it.
    ODFAuthors shows a cryptic note "Usage: ./odtclean.py -i <input
    file> -o <output file>"
  * template-changer-1.2.7d.oxt - Extension to simplify template merging.
  * I have also added the AltSearch 1.4.2.oxt extension.
    This provides a find & replace facility which is more advanced than
    the inbuilt option.

Miscellaneous folder added under Archives has 2 zip files:

  * How-tos & Tutorials.zip
  * White Papers.zip

I put them in the Archives, because I wasn't sure if there was a more
appropriate place for them.

The copy of English files from ODFAuthors is now complete.


On 05.11.2018 17:03, Dave Barton wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> One of the LO Documentation tasks I set myself to do over the weekend
> was to bring over copies of the English LibreOffice content from the ODF
> Authors Plone instance to our Nextcloud work-space. Things were going
> well until NC started rejecting my uploads, complaining that we had run
> out of disk space. It transpired that we had been using Olivier's
> private share space, which appeared to have a 1Gb limit. Olivier
> enlisted the help of Guilhem Moulin, who quickly set up a group folder
> named "ODF Authors new", which if I understand correctly gives us a
> work-space of 5 Gb and should be plenty for our requirements. As
> previously suggested, I think we should change the folder name from "ODF
> Authors new" to something more meaningful in order to reduce possible
> confusion when speaking or writing about the 2 different work-spaces. It
> appears that while I have been writing this email Guilhem has kindly
> renamed the group folder to "LibreOffice Documentation" for us.
> I will investigate bringing over the other Languages (Spanish, Italian,
> Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia and Russian) next week. German, Brazilian
> Portuguese and Turkish documentation contributors already have their own
> Nextcloud folders established.
> I have now copied over "_/most/_" (still a few odds and ends to clean
> up) of the content from ODFAuthors to the new Nextcloud group folder,
> excluding any of the old defunct Drafts and Feedback folders. I have
> structured the English Nextcloud "LibreOffice Documentation" sub-folders
> as follows:
>   * Getting Started Guide
>   * Calc Guide
>   * Draw Guide
>   * Impress Guide
>   * Math Guide
>   * Writer Guide
>   * Archives (Explanation below)
>   * Contributor Resources (For Templates and other potentially useful
>     material)
> The sub-folders for each Guide contain:
>   * A sub-folder containing copies of the files for last published
>     edition of the guide.
>   * The working folders (eg. Drafts and Feedback) for the edition
>     currently being developed. (See the Calc Guide for an example.)
> The Archive folder has sub-folders for each guide and these sub-folders
> contain zipped copies of the old previously published guide chapters and
> books.
> Why zipped? Since there will be very little need or demand to refer back
> to those old editions it conveniently eliminates the number of files
> scattered around as they were on ODFAuthors. If there are other opinions
> about this, please speak up at the next meeting, or post to the list and
> if there is consensus I will extract to zip files into more sub-folders
> and real files.
> There has never been a complete Base guide published. Jean and Dan Lewis
> did start work on a Base Guide back in 2013 and I propose to bring
> copies of their work over to the Archives folder. The only Base
> publication we have is the English translation of the "Base Handbook"
> produced by the German language group, which I will be copying over
> during this week.
> Would those of you having access to Nextcloud please take a look at what
> I have done and post back to the list if you think anything should be
> changed or structured differently.
> Regards
> Dave

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