Howdy list,

So, took what was in my last email on this idea of Major and Minor
publishing of Guides and put a bit more structure to it as Proposal in the
Doc Team work-group folder.

@Martin I wasn't sure if you were already had edit rights in the work-group
folder, saw you had an account on the server though, so sent you a direct
share link via NC with edit rights to the file.

Also created a public read only link for this 'work in progress',

There is also a text file, 'Document Proposal' in the same folder covering
details of the general work flow for publishing a Guide, the file I added
today is not intended to replace the contents of the earlier, rather to
compliment it, and would, I think, not effect a great deal of what is in
that workflow, with a notable exception of the file naming scheme.

I've added a requirement into the current versioning proposal regarding
support for the I10n teams given the email exchange here.

Feel free to comment in the document, or make changes even, if you have
write access there, or to give feedback on the ML here, which is also the
case for those reading it via the read only link above.



On Thu, Nov 15, 2018 at 1:13 AM Drew Jensen <>

> Hi Martin,
> Thanks for joining in the conversation.
> On Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 4:36 PM Martin Srebotnjak <>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> please, could you further explain:
>>   + Supporting minor updates to published guides (pdf file)
> In fact further examination of what this would encompass the purpose
> behind adding it to the call agenda.
> The second or third week I joined in on the calls it happened that Olivier
> and myself were the only two on board that day. Olivier shared some
> thoughts, at length, on treating the Guide publication process more closely
> to how a software package is released. With an important goal, among a few
> others, of bringing Guide publishing dates closer releases of the software.
> The idea has been bounced around between others on a few subsequent calls.
> What I've taken away from these discussion would be to have a work flow
> which supports major and a minor publication of a Guide.
> A major publication of a Guide would involve updates to every document
> (master document and all chapter/appendix documents) along with other
> components such, cover art for one example.
> It could add or remove chapters or make other changes in chapter
> structure.
> It includes the production of two set of documents, one including an ODF
> master document, ODF text documents for each chapter or appendix and the
> other set pdf files created from the first set.
> The publication process includes then the production of an official print
> master, including ISBN registration as a final update, which is then sent
> to a print service.
> This represents the current publication process.
> Publishing a minor version of a Guide could, but may not, require a change
> to the master document beyond generating new TOC/Alpha Index tables, it
> would include updates of some subset of chapter or appendix documents.
> A minor publication process produces both sets of files, ODF and PDF.
> No print master is produced for the minor publication, therefore no
> registration of a new ISBN is needed.
> ***I have some open questions regarding the last point about the ISBN and
> if there might be some legal requirement of a clearly distinct name from
> the registered printed book, even if true it is just something to account
> for in the workflow.
> These minor publishing events would happen between the full, major, Guide
> releases.
> This change would require us to change the file names to include a
> document release number in addition to the software release number, only
> those files which actually change would increment the document release
> number so that at a macro level you could easily see which of the
> constituent files actually changed based on the file names in the release.
>> What is the agreed notification workflow with every guide update for all
>> l10n teams translating these guides (content-wise, i.e. notifying "this
>> sentence in this chapter/page was changed from this to this" etc.) so that
>> the translation process continues with the really-latest version (after an
>> official version is already published) and as hassle/confusion-free for
>> l10n teams as possible?
> There would always be, at a minimum, the ability to generate a delta
> between the present and most previous copy of an individual file to see
> what exactly changed with the compare documents function using ODF files.
>> With the delicate translation process going on in parallel with the
>> considered minor content updates I would instead suggest to create odt/pdf
>> with errata or corrigenda of a guide (and all its chapters) that gets
>> updated regulary and is finally merged with the guide only with its next
>> iteration of publication.
> If publishing were always going to dead trees for a medium I'd say
> absolutely the better way to go.
> That is need not be the case here however and I would put forward some
> opinions:
> No document of this type publishes without deficiencies either by error or
> omission.
> It is valuable to make the most accurate information available to users as
> quickly as reasonably possible.
> The quicker the team can get feedback from users seeing the changes made
> to address these deficiencies an the more readers overall increases the
> teams ability to make higher quality documents.
> I think publishing complete documents, with changes incorporated, will
> generate both better and more feedback than a list of changes in a separate
> addendum document.
> As I said above this is really the first time I've put what I've taken
> from our batting the idea around on a few calls into text and thanks again
> for the nudge here.
> That then is just a gross view of the thinking and certainly needs more
> fleshing out.
> Given that it's 1AM here though it is a good spot to end this email.
> I'm looking forward to continuing the conversation with you and others
> here on the morrow.
> Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
> Best wishes,
> Drew
>> To quote wikipedia/*Chicago Manual of Style
>> <>*, "Errata, lists
>> of
>> errors and their corrections, may take the form of loose, inserted sheets
>> or bound-in pages. An errata sheet is definitely not a usual part of a
>> book. It should never be supplied to correct simple typographical errors
>> <> (which may be
>> rectified
>> in a later printing) or to insert additions to, or revisions of, the
>> printed text (which should wait for the next edition of the book). It is a
>> device to be used only in extreme cases where errors severe enough to
>> cause
>> misunderstanding are detected too late to correct in the normal way but
>> before the finished book is distributed. Then the errors may be listed
>> with
>> their locations and their corrections on a sheet that is tipped in
>> <>, either before or after
>> the
>> book is bound, or laid in loose, usually inside the front cover of the
>> book. (Tipping and inserting must be done by hand, thus adding
>> considerably
>> to the cost of the book.)"[2]
>> <>
>> Thanks,
>> Martin
>> V V sre., 14. nov. 2018 ob 20:31 je oseba Olivier Hallot <
>>> napisala:
>> > Wednesday November 14th2018, at 19:30 Berlin Time
>> >
>> > Presents: Drew, Cathy, Heiko, Olivier
>> >
>> > Fall back chat:
>> >
>> >
>> > TDF Jitsi room
>> >
>> >
>> > Completed Action Items:
>> >     +
>> >
>> > Pending:
>> >     + Update template for Calc Guide (Drew/Dave)
>> >     + Proposal for the future LibreOffice documentation development
>> > workflow (Dave)
>> >
>> > Agenda+ Discussion:
>> >     + Supporting minor updates to published guides (pdf file)
>> >
>> >     + How to handle the UI changes with Tabbed Notebook as a standard
>> > feature with 6.2
>> >          +my suggestin is another appendix which maps the change in
>> > toolbutton location and menu location between the standard toolbars and
>> > the notebook bar tabs.(Drew)
>> >          + Perhaps images or graphs (Drew)
>> >          + Guides and Help share contents (olivier)
>> >
>> >     + Calc Guide appendix for LireOffice online
>> >     +   some open questions about the stand alone LOOL and the changes
>> > to menu structures when it is part of a CMS such as NextCloud
>> >
>> >     + Appendix for Calculation engine support for threading(Drew)
>> >          +Really strugglig with this (more a fyi really)
>> > AI: Emails developers to get more clarifications (Drew)
>> >
>> >      + Enter images in document (Cathy)
>> > AI: Clarify the image anchoring (olivier)
>> >
>> >      + Long editing session turns LO slow and unusable (Cathy)
>> >          + Some crashes.
>> > AI: Send offending file to olivier for inspection  (Cathy)
>> >
>> >      + What is the real user we are targeting with Calc Guide (Cathy)
>> >           + Upper top of users, knowledgeable Excel user (olivier)
>> > AI:      + Raise the issue in the mailing list (Cathy)
>> >
>> > Next meeting WednesdayNovember21st2018, at 19:30 Berlin Time
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
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