Wednesday November 21th2018, at 19:30 Berlin Time

Presents: Drew, Cathy, Heiko, Olivier, Sophia Schröder(not in the call)

Fall back chat:

TDF Jitsi room

Completed Action Items:
    + Raise the issue in the mailing list (Cathy)
      + Awaiting more responses.

    + Update template for Calc Guide (Drew/Dave)
    + Proposal for the future LibreOffice documentation development
workflow (Dave)
AI: Emails developers to get more clarifications (Drew)

     + Enter images in document (Cathy)
AI: Clarify the image anchoring (olivier)
     + Long editing session turns LO slow and unusable (Cathy)
         + Some crashes. 
AI: Send offending file to olivier for inspection  (Cathy)

Agenda+ Discussion: 
    Minor and Major guide publishing proposal
AI: Read the file and comment (all)
    FYI - I spent some quality time with the toolbar this week thanks to
the QA bug hunting session. My thougts on a simple mapping of the
buttons as sufficient is diminished. 
    + Some icons are missing in Colibre icon set. (drew)
     + Notebook bar is OK (drew)

  *      + But some NB are confusing (drew)

  *      + NB does not support toolbars of extensions (drew)

     Working on chapter 2 (Calc Guide) (Dave)
        + double check the changes picked (Dave)
        + Keep the style name and update the style contents (dave)
           + too much work if we have to change the style name (no gain)
        + get Chap2 finished and everybody look what was done.
           + cant we use finished chap2 w/o its content as template ?
               + yes, that is the idea (dave)
AI: Write a script to address the changes in Style (drew)
    Screen captures
        + AI: Write a guide for screen shooting (Cathy)

  *         + Specially with overlays arrows and other marking (Cathy)

        + Address accessibility (Cathy)

  *         + ask UX guys for support (drew)

  *         + Short cuts

  *             + inconsistencies found (Cathy)

  *             + sometimes due to underlying system (olivier)

  *             + Nice to mention shortcuts in every place it exist (Cathy)


AI: Write a section for suporting the translation team + mailing list (drew)
Next meeting WednesdayNovember28st2018, at 19:30 Berlin Time

Olivier Hallot
LibreOffice Documentation Coordinator
Comunidade LibreOffice 
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - Local Time: UTC-03:00 

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