Hi yet again Cathy,

Today I finished the styles translation table for Drew and now I am
catching up on some of my email backlog.

Yes the _theory_ was that the memory settings had little effect. In
practice they were moved from the global options dialog into the
"/Expert Configuration/", because the majority of users do not
understand how computer hardware memory allocation works or how the
software utilizes that allocation. I have seen first hand, situations
where users, in an attempt to solve slow processing issues, have changed
resource allocations to levels their computers were unable to provide,
only to generate software or whole system crashes. Of necessity LO has
to allocate itself resources in accordance with the provisions made
available by the operating system it is running on. By it's very nature
this allocation has to be a calculated "/best guess/' and for the most
part succeeds, but like everything in life, there is no "/no one size
fits all/" solution.

In a previous message I made reference to an installed version of LO 6.x
on a Win 7 machine "/running like a dead slug/" and that is only one of
the very trivial issues encountered. I won't go into this here, but
suffice it to say that I have played every trick in the book to resolve
these issues to no avail. I just have to accept there is something in
this machine's configuration, or something else, that prevents so many
aspects of LO from working correctly.


On 04.12.2018 19:11, Cathy Crumbley wrote:
> My understanding is that there are no longer memory settings in the
> latest LO versions since those settings have little/no effect on
> performance. 

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