There are two principles of permanent magnet regulator and friend recently
went into it. Can you believe Bombardier the original maker of rotax have
changed on the good quality one

I hear from both Adelaide cadets and charters towers cadets are both having
issues with the charging in the ASK21 mi. It does need Schleicher to
approve a decent regulator.  Powermate an Aussie one is back in production
again  and I have used same in  pik20e for over 20 years and battery life
immediately jumped from 15months to 5 years.

When at goldsmiths 10 yrs ago Jenny was on  ride on mower and battery was
boiling with a it everywhere. I told her to Immediately turn on mower
lights.  After 20min of mowing she turns on lights and leaves them.

This all started looking for your address for ESA stuff which came slowish
mail for some radon and how's the clearnav vario going?

Ian McPhee
Box 657 Byron Bay NSW 2481

On 13 Sep. 2017 20:14, "Catherine Conway" <> wrote:

Hi all

This question is directed particularly to operators of the HK36 Super
Dimona with 914.  Not sure if the 912s are the same.

I'm trying to find where Diamond have stashed the Ducati Voltage regulator
or even if they use that one or have changed it.

Our ECO Dimona's at ARA have it on the RHS by the coolant bottle but my
super Dimona is 10 years younger and we can't find it.

Here is a pic from the ECO.

And here is the regulator I think is fitted.



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