The originals are HIRSCHMANN rod ends.
Before you cut a hole in the floor pan, lay up some fibreglass to the right
shape which can then be screwed down afterwards as an inspection hatch.


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On Sat, Apr 7, 2018 at 7:29 PM, Nils Beck <> wrote:

> We did this a couple of years ago. You have to cut some openings in the
> floor pan, replace the rod ends and then close the cutouts by hand lay-up
> (so you have to cut it open again the next time again...).
> There is a kind of bulkhead where these rod ends are bolted on, it's all
> straightforward once you have have openend the floor pan. I would keep the
> holes as small as possible, you can always make them larger if you don't
> have sufficient acces.
> For replacement, we used high-quality automotive parts, something like
> this:
> .
> While you're at it, check the hoop brackets, which hold the landing gear,
> for cracks - sandblasting and re-painting may be a good idea.
> Cheers
> Nils
> On 07.04.2018 09:52, Ric Sutton wrote:
> Hi guys
> Does anyone have a procedure for the replacement of undercarriage eye
> bolts, specifically the front ones. Is there an official factory procedure
> given that this  is a requirement of the 3000 hour life extension survey?
> Mine are bent and worn after some 1750 landings (my guess is that some may
> not have been smooth).
> Cheers
> Richard

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