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> i think i have a similar problem : i have downloaded dolibarr 7 on
> sourceforge and initdemo data for v7 on github.
> when i try to install, it works well until the dolibarr access that still
> redirects to the installation script telling me i am already on v7
> (screenshot below)
> Best regards
> Christophe
> Definetly something is not correct. I did today the following, downloaded
6.0.5 tgz file and untar it. After that the installer showed up again. But
strangely the
installer after unpacking the 6.0.5 tarball was showing 6.0.5 version and
wanted to update to 8.0.0-alpha. I have then run the installer to upgrade
7.0.0 and of course it errored, then it asked me to upgrade to version
8.0.0-alpha, since the source was 6.0.5 it errored again but after
finishing all that proces
it showed me the login page.
Now with the login page I tried to login but I get the following error:

Unknown column 'u.birth' in 'field list'

So, what would be the recommended way to restore back to 6.0.5 version ?

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