When I open Chrome the HD thrashes around quite a lot before Chrome
comes up.
It sounds like Chrome's multiple threads are clashing with one another
asking for lumps of disk to be read or written and the rust drive is
spending too much time moving its heads about.  This seems to have a
long history.

A recurring theme there is deleting some or all of the `session' data
that Chrome's holding so it doesn't have so much to peruse or housekeep.
The easiest way to try might be any `clear your history' options it has.

Cheers, Ralph.

That's a confusing stream, relly should be two or three.

I emptiedĀ  .cache/google-chrome/default/cache of 33355 files, and it is somewhat faster. I can't qualify that. Amazing since I now clear the cache before I do backups.


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