On Friday, 12 February 2021 16:18:22 GMT Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> This is still the counting trace which writes at the end?

Yes.  The 'live' trace generates around 40 MB of data in around 30 seconds....

It also slows the program so that the other two programs can't connect....

> It looks like whatever considers minstermusic.py a ‘job’ is catching all
> exceptions, including the SystemExit raised by sys.exit().  So you need
> to look at its documentation to

Sorry can you define 'its' in this context?

This is the code at the end of the program to catch the expected exceptions:

#Catch any unexpected errors and log them so we know what happened.
except Exception:
    logger.critical("Unexpected error \n\n"+str(traceback.format_exc())
                    +"\n\nwhile running. Exiting...")

    print("Unexpected error \n\n"+str(traceback.format_exc())+"\n\nwhile 
running. Exiting...")


That was also code written by Hamish for the River System Pis.


                Terry Coles

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