Sorry about last night.

I was recently given a PC by a friend who 'needed' to upgrade and I put my 
Kubuntu Disc into it and effectively upgraded my system from 2 core 8GB to 4 
core, 24GB RAM, and had most things working OK that I had tested, after a 
wobbly with his fancy sound card. I obviously hadn't tried teh webcam until I 
needed it and still haven't sorted out the focus on it.

I also missed the beginning of Terry's discussion and didn't realise at first 
that he was talking about Power Showers.  I don't know the problem with his, 
but our Mira Event XS was installed in 2011 and is running fine, and we are in 
an extremely hard water area.

My mind is on CH Pumps, hence the comment about Grundfoss and FSH.  When we had 
a new boiler 2 years ago the installation technicians said that our current 
(grundfoss) pump was wearing out and replaced it with a FSH.  When SWMBO was 
unwell and sleeping in the bedroom across the hall from the airing cupboard, 
the pump starting at 05:30 woke her and disturbed her. It is noisy and can be 
heard through most of the house. I don't remember this noise from the old pump. 
 My question here is - Are your pumps quiet?

Sorry about being off-topic twice.


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