I am running Kali Linux (installed on ssd) on an old Fujitsu PC, spec wise its an old 8 core i7, 20gb of memory and a 240gb ssd and a 250gb spinney hard disks. Kali is all update

The reason for running Kali is that I am trying to hack my own router ( I mentioned a few months ago I had lost the password). I thought it would be an interesting fun project to learn a bit of hacking skills, it it gets to a point where I need to get onto the router then I will simply stop and reset the router.

Anyway I have produced some 6 digit wordlists, they are approximately 329mb in size and contain around 49,000,000 words, the maximum Hydra the program I am using can handle is 50,000,000. Now the PC is running 24/7 trying to crack the password. It takes around 24 to 28 hours to complete a single wordlist, but what I am finding is that when the PC approaches running  for 2.5 days the processing of attempts slows right down from something like 28000 to as low a 4000 an hour and then take 4 days to complete.

Now memory does not seems to be a problem (see below) nor does SSD free space 185GB in my Home partition, using ext4 format, there no high cpu, it bumbles around 8% per processor. PC is connected to 1gbit switch (HP 1910) which is in turn connected to the router.

mit@NX1:~$ free
              total        used        free      shared buff/cache   available
Mem:       16069528     2571776      816320       80320 12681432    13079436
Swap:      10238972         768    10238204

There no noticable difference when using the router when the scans are running at full throttle or low throttle. Rebooting the PC resolve the slow down issue but after couple of days it is back.

Anybody any idea why I am getting the slowdown


Tim H

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