On 05/11/2021 18:21, Andrew wrote:
Yes, it was me. Another link for you:


It cost me a whole £21 for a Greaseweazle:

Plus about 50p for a 3D-printed case for it.

I already had floppy drives, floppy cables, cleaning disks and IPA. I've also got cotton buds in case I wear out the cleaning disk.

I think it might be possible to get a power cable to power a 90mm floppy drive from the Greaseweazle, but I don't have one of them, I put together a PSU from some 5V plug-in PSU I had and soldered a floppy connector on to it which I cut off of an old PC PSU.

The 5.25"inch drives also need 12V. I think the 8"inch drives need 24V, but I've only ever seen one of them ever.

I should probably do more data recovery, I can read so many formats of disk now. (But not 250 MB Zip disks, of which I have one. I have no idea where it came from or what's on it!)

Yeah, I'd need a case w/ a PSU or something for a 5.25" drive. That would be fun. Gotta love old power supplies :/

I might not do it, but it's a nice idea for future posterity - these drives aren't gonna get any more common. And it's better than using a 486 PC or something because it can read more formats. So the fluxengine software works with the Greaseweazle okay too then?


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