On 05/11/2021 19:42, Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty wrote:
Yeah, I'd need a case w/ a PSU or something for a 5.25" drive. That would be fun. Gotta love old power supplies :/

I might not do it, but it's a nice idea for future posterity - these drives aren't gonna get any more common. And it's better than using a 486 PC or something because it can read more formats. So the fluxengine software works with the Greaseweazle okay too then?


I haven't got a case for the drive to go in, that's far too posh.
Actually there are some 3D printable ones to fit a both drive and Greaseweazle board, but they are larger than I can print.

It might be possible to get a small 5V + 12V PSU (rather than an old ATX one) - the current draw isn't going to be huge. Or perhaps a second USB cable with a USB-PD module in 12V mode for super-modern-ness!

The Fluxengine is software, hardware and firmware - although the hardware is a dev board only programmable from Windows, so that's of no interest.
Greaseweazle is also software, hardware and firmware.

I use the Greaseweazle hardware with both Fluxengine and Greaseweazle software, depending on what I'm doing. Fluexngine for reading, Greaseweazle for everything else. 'gw clean' is useful. It moves the head back and forwards a few times.



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