One or two thoughts which may or may not be helpful.

On Friday, 14 January 2022 15:24:31 GMT JD wrote:
> I have a Brother laser printer - DCP1612W.  Yesterday I scanned a couple
> of photos and saved them as jpg's.  About a half-hour later I got only
> an error message each time I ran xsane, and that is still the case. 
> Printing continues to work as normal.

Caveat:  I've never used any kind of Brother Device; I've always bought HP.

> Details:
> Ubuntu 20.04.3
> The error message is: "Failed to open device 'brother4:net;dev0':
> Invalid argument."

No thoughts on this.
> It's configured to connect via WLAN.  The IP address appears in the
> router list occasionally but usually not.

For various reasons, I've always configured utility devices on my home network 
with a static IP Address.  On my HP, I can then browse to it's Home Page to 
check its status.  Does you Brother have a web page?

> After: scanimage -L
> I get "device `brother4:net1;dev0' is a Brother *DCP1610W DCP1612W", so
> the correct model is known about.

What did I do in the fateful 30 mins yesterday afternoon!?

I have no idea really, but since it is not always visible in your Router 
settings, I would suspect that the WiFi connection isn't all it could be.


                Terry Coles

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