Just wondering if you ever overcame the Aliases problem.
On 30/07/2022 12:01, Terry Coles wrote:

I've stuck with KMail through thick and thin ever since I first used KDE in the 
early noughties.  The main reason for this is that I make considerable use of 
forwarded addresses to the half dozen mailboxes that I maintain on my Mail 
provider's servers.  If I get a lot of spam then it's only one address that I 
have to change to stop it.

However, the time has come I think to migrate away from KMail. There have been 
a number of irritating bugs tthat simply don't seem to be getting fixed and 
bugs that I've reported get no response.

The only problem is that I can't find a way of exporting all my KMail aliases 
into Thunderbird identities.  There are references out there to exporting 
emails but not aliases.

Can anyone help?

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