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Here are the links from the latest meeting.

Unfortunately, I didn't save all of them, but I know of at least one link we had:


Darling is a compatibility layer that runs macOS applications on Linux and WSL2 (WSL1 support is in progress). It may also work on FreeBSD through the Linux emulation layer, but I don't think this has been tested at all. Darling mostly runs commandline applications at the moment, but a very small number of GUIs have been confirmed to work.

I did a screenshare demonstration of Darling running in a Debian 11 VM, running some simple commandline programs, as well as Classic Finder (https://classicmacfinder.com/), neofetch (https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetch), and HomeBrew (https://brew.sh/), which I used to install neofetch, once we finally remembered its name.

We also discussed doing in-person meets in addition to, rather than to replace, the online meets. These could potentially be at a pub and/or at someone's house depending on how we feel about it. They couldn't be at my house as there is nowhere to park lots of cars and not enough room inside or outside. Quite a few people expressed an interest in this, but we think they should complement, rather than replace, the online meetings.

Finally, Hugh started a discussion about replacing IRC with something slightly more modern as a chatroom. We discussed Discord as well as Matrix. While there is an in-progress self-hostable reimplementation of Discord available (https://github.com/fosscord/fosscord), I feel like we may be better off using Matrix, not that I have tried it, as we probably all consider it better not to create a dependency on closed-source code and walled gardens.

I will likely be trialling some different ideas with Hugh for chatrooms. One of us will probably message here again once we've figured something out that works well and is sufficiently FOSS.


 Next meeting: Online, Jitsi, Tuesday, 2022-09-06 20:00
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