On 11/12/2022 12:55, Peter Merchant wrote:
If I leave my  Kubuntu 20.04 for awhile, I have usually left Thunderbird and Vivaldi up, and when I come back and try and do something the computer goes off into never-never  land, the screen goes blank, and I can hear the HD crunching, and it needs the power button hold down to shut it down.

I think that this has happened after a boot up, if I have left it for awhile and I hit T'bird and Vivaldi  one after the other to bring them up.

Any thoughts on where I should look to track this problem?

I am tempted to bleachbit the computer, or to replace Vivaldi with Opera on the offchance that Vivaldi is the cause.

Before you do anything too drastic, I would suggest a few checks.  Here's what I would do:

1. Open System Monitor and check the figures for memory, disc and CPU. 
   High usage of any of these might give a clue to follow up.
2. Do the figures for memory usage stack up with the amount of RAM in
   the system?
3. If nothing looks wrong initially, leave System Monitor running and
   see if any of the values are increasing over time.
4. If everything looks OK, boot into memtest and make sure that the
   hard disc is OK.

There may be other suggestions forthcoming.


Terry Coles

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