On 03/02/2023 09:26, Peter Merchant wrote:
I recently installed a program to my Kubuntu 20.04 system called Microblocks. It is a scratch-like program for things like an ESP-32.

The problem is that it doesn't appear anywhere in my application launcher, but if I type the name in on the 'search' bar of the AL, it finds it. Does anybody know how I can add it to the Application Launcher?  I am having the same problem with the Arduino IDE.


There are two ways to do this; one for the main Application launcher as you requested and one for the Widgets on an Activity.

I can't give you a step by step, because it depends on the program concerned.  For the main Launcher; right-click the launcher icon and select 'Edit Applications...'.  This launches the KDE Menu Editor.  Click on the appropriate Menu Item, eg 'System', right=click on that and select 'New Item'.  Then fill in the blanks including the command that launches the program.

To do it as a Widget you need the Widget 'QuickLaunch' installed then simply right-click within the QuickLaunch area and proceed as with the main App Launcher.

Let us know how you get on.

Terry Coles

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