Re-sending this as I originally mistakenly sent it directly to Peter
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On Fri, 03 Feb 2023 12:25:35 +0000, Peter Merchant via dorset wrote:
> Tried Locate - /usr/share/applications/MicroBlocks.desktop

If you view the .desktop file as text, it should contain the command 
you need in order to run the application.

I downloaded the .deb package from their website at 
and opened it as an archive file to see what the .desktop file 

> [Desktop Entry]
> Name=MicroBlocks
> Comment=MicroBlocks is a graphical and dynamic blocks language for
> 32 bit microcontroller boards such as the BBC micro:bit, the
> Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, the NodeMCU and many Arduinos.
> Exec=/usr/local/bin/ublocks
> Icon=/usr/share/icons/MicroBlocks.png
> Type=Application
> Categories=Development;

This seems to show that MicroBlocks should appear in the Development 
submenu. If it doesn't, I see two possibilities:

1. The menu hasn't been "rebuilt" to take into account new .desktop
   files since MicroBlocks was installed.

2. Something is preventing the MicroBlocks.desktop file from getting
   included whenever the menu is built.

In the case of possibility no. 1, then you could try running


Which should result in the menu getting regenerated (among other 
things). I vaguely remember doing this in the past when an application 
wasn't showing up in my menu. It is supposed to happen automatically, 

In the case of possibility no. 2, then I suppose I might suspect the 
file permissions on the desktop file to be incorrect. Or, you might 
get some useful output from kbuildsycoca5 telling you something's 
wrong with the .desktop file.

If you create a new item in the KDE Menu editor, as Terry suggested, 
then it will create a new .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications 
containing the information you enter.

Anyway, I hope this is in some way helpful.

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