Hi All

On my laptop for the past couple of months my emails have been 'slow to send'.  It seems to be before connection is made to the 'server'.

After pressing the 'send' button that's when it's slow, approx 3-6 seconds: it used to go within 1 second.

Can anyone give a terminal command to find out what's happening. Not a frequent terminal user so bit slow to use and never really sure I've done it correctly (spaces or not in the commend). Thunderbird has been through some 'upgrades' and wondered if it could be something in the settings but not sure what to look for. Not changed anything in the setup for a long time as it's always just worked.

All other internet connections are not affected and the desktop machine (same settings/OS) has not been affected just my LT.

Using Thunderbird on Latest version of Mint 21.1 Cinnamon and always update when available.

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