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On 27/02/2024 10:43, Terry Coles wrote:
On 27/02/2024 10:30, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
Peter emailed the list saying it looked like last month's meeting didn't
happen.  Andrew told me privately that he turned up, no one else did, so
he left.  When I popped in later, Clive, Hamish, and Hugh were present.

My guess is Jitsi's new-ish requirement for a moderator to open a ‘room’
by authenticating delayed the start of the meeting.  Meanwhile, everyone
is kept waiting for a moderator to arrive and some give up before he

Presumably, you're are normally the moderator when you attend and so
it's a surprise to the others that it's required and one of them has to
finally take it on for the meeting to start?

I thought by raising the issue, other attendees might be more aware of
the requirement and step in when you're not there.

I've certainly opened the room on at least one occasion since the new
requirement was brought in.

Terry Coles

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