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Im sure because dovecot from server A takes the email from the MTA and proxies it to the dovecot on server B that doesnt have an MTA.

Right. Forgot about that part.



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    Op 1-12-2017 om 15:30 schreef Tomislav Perisic:


        Thanks for replying.

        initially logging was done via syslog, and the custom log file
        for mail.* facility was /var/log/maillog. Everything was
        logged normally (dovecot login logouts, sieve scripts, extra
        debugging lines) but nothing regarding LMTP. I would receive
        the email in my inbox but I wouldnt be able to see anything in
        the logs regarding this. After that i turned off syslog and
        used the direct dovecot logging to a separate file. Again, it
        was logging everything except of LMTP (mail debug is turned on).

        Does anyone have a working configuration regarding this that
        they don't have a problem with LMTP logging? If yes could you
        please send me your config and dovecot version to compare.

        Or if anyone has any other ideas.

    Are you sure Dovecot LMTPĀ  is even being used? Your MTA may be
    delivering messages directly, without involving Dovecot. Check the
    MTA logs.

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