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    We run Dovecot with Outlook, and have had similar problems when Outlook is operating in "Offline Mode". When you're in offline mode, doing any folder-level operations, such as Copy, Create, Rename, Move, Delete, etc. causes problems with the mailbox. The end result is that you could lose e-mails and entire folders that were involved in the offline operation.

    How we have fixed this in the past, what we have done is:

 1. Do an Outlook "export" of the entire contents of the IMAP account
    into a ".pst" file. (This saves the e-mails that may be at-risk of
    being lost.)
 2. Delete the IMAP account in Outlook, which includes the ".ost" file.
 3. Delete the IMAP account on the Dovecot server
 4. Reconfigure the IMAP account in Outlook
 5. Restore the IMAP contents from the ".pst" file in step #1.
 6. Educate the user about not doing folder-level operations while in
    offline mode.

    Hope this helps...



that means that outlook is useless as an Imap client then . This is the whole idea behind imap, to be able to do work while off-line and sync changes when on-line or I get it wrong ?

thanks anyway


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