that means that outlook is useless as an Imap client then . This is the whole idea behind imap, to be able to do work while off-line and sync changes when on-line or I get it wrong ?

thanks anyway

I would see it a bit more general: Outlook is mostly useless as email client in general (not looking at the groupware functionality). Even with Exchange or other server types, many simple things do not work reliably and never get fixed. And the simplest things are impossible, e.g. displaying the full email address of a sender instead of the name only (to make it harder to spoof senders). I suspect 2016 is the 2nd-last version of Outlook to be released and from then on it will be browser-only. That said, IMAP support is "strange" and has always been - OL trusts its own .ps ort .ost file more than the server which circumvents the general idea of IMAP. If you need Outlook, avoid IMAP and if you need IMAP, avoid Outlook....


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