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I cannot delete IMAP folders in new mailboxes. When trying to delete a folder in Thunderbird I get the error message "renaming not supported across conflicting directory permissions". Looking up the error on the web led me to checking the mailbox directory's permissions. They're inconsistent in new mailboxes. While every single directory in an old mailbox has "drwx--S---", some of the directories in a new mailbox have "drwxr-sr-x" instead. I'm not sure what that means. The folders with the later permissions are "Drafts", "Sent" and "Trash". Folders with the first permissions are "Junk", "Archives" and "Archives.2018". All folders were created by Thunderbird automatically. Now I wanted to delete "Archives.2018".

What's the issue here? Why do folders created by the same MUA in the same event on the same mail server have different permissions and why can't I delete one of them (which would probably move it into the trash folder first)?

Dovecot version is 2.2.22 on Ubuntu 16.04, Thunderbird is 52.6.0 on Windows 10.


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