Hello Monique

I needed for my project something similar like you asked for. To achieve that I 
added a new alias

  tipp{1}=<dl class="section tipp"><dt>Tipp</dt><dd>\1</dd></dl>

and included a css file with the following in it:



        margin-left: -7px;

        padding-left: 3px;

        border-left: 4px solid;

        border-color: #0000FF;


This produced the same as the warning command but with the text "Tipp" and the 
color blue.

Kind Regards


Monique Semp wrote on 22.09.2016 at 01:02:

> Hello, Doxygen users,


> (Doxygen 1.8.10, Windows 7)


> Is there a way to create in essence an alias for the \warning command?

> I?m looking to create a ?Memory Usage? style for flagging memory

> issues, and it?d be ideal if I could simply change the ?Warning?

> label/text to say, ?Memory Usage?. (And bonus if I could change the

> red color to some other color.)


> One method is to use the \xrefitem and alias to customize the output

> text and styling, but I haven?t found a way to omit the consolidated

> page (the one that lists all the \xrefitem instances) from the output.

> And I don?t want a consolidated page of all ?memory usage? notes.


> Thanks,

> -Monique

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