It's about the SAROS-INTELIJ-GERRIT-QA, not the eclipse one.(c&p error)

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Von: Matthias Bohnstedt <> 
Datum: 16.09.2016  15:53  (GMT+01:00) 
Betreff: Saros-Eclipse-Gerrit-QA misconfiguration? 

Hi folks,

The build for my last comit failed 3125[1]. So I looked into the cons out and 
find some weird reasoning for it. (It seems like the actual QA was fine but 
posting it made trouble).

Does anyne have a idea went wrong (And how I could fix)


Consol output says:
"{\n  \"message\":\"Congratulations, QA found no issues whatsoever in Saros 
[Cobertura] Publishing Cobertura coverage report...
[Cobertura] No coverage results were found using the pattern 
'de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.intellij/bin/saros-i/cobertura/coverage.xml' relative to 
'/srv/jenkins/jobs/Saros-Intellij-Gerrit-QA/workspace'.  Did you enter a 
pattern relative to the correct directory?  Did you generate the XML report(s) 
for Cobertura?
Build step 'Veröffentliche die Cobertura Testabdeckung' changed build result to 

See full out here:

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