Hi Matthias,

Story-telling time:
I re-configured all jobs that run JUnit tests so that they also determine the 
code coverage while executing the tests. This was already set up for Saros/E 
and the Core, but Intellij, Server, and UI did not have this information before.
In addition to collecting the data, the Jenkins jobs need to “publish” it, so 
that each job gets a nice graph like this one [1].
(Furthermore, the component overview in SonarQube is now more colorful [2]; 
kudos to the authors of dpp.ui and dpp.server for the high coverage!)
However, the default setting for this “publish” step is “Fail if no report was 
found”, and I did not uncheck this in the Intellij case.
New patches (after this commit [3]) already contain a build.xml that 
automatically generates the coverage report; older patches, like yours, don’t, 
and hence ran into this error.

Bottom line:
I fixed it and retriggered your patch.


[2] http://saros-build.imp.fu-berlin.de/sonarqube/
[3] https://github.com/saros-project/saros/commit/4a4966b

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It's about the SAROS-INTELIJ-GERRIT-QA, not the eclipse one.(c&p error)

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Hi folks,

The build for my last comit failed 3125[1]. So I looked into the cons out and 
find some weird reasoning for it. (It seems like the actual QA was fine but 
posting it made trouble).

Does anyne have a idea went wrong (And how I could fix)


Consol output says:
"{\n  \"message\":\"Congratulations, QA found no issues whatsoever in Saros 
[Cobertura] Publishing Cobertura coverage report...
[Cobertura] No coverage results were found using the pattern 
'de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.intellij/bin/saros-i/cobertura/coverage.xml' relative to 
'/srv/jenkins/jobs/Saros-Intellij-Gerrit-QA/workspace'.  Did you enter a 
pattern relative to the correct directory?  Did you generate the XML report(s) 
for Cobertura?
Build step 'Veröffentliche die Cobertura Testabdeckung' changed build result to 

See full out here: 

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