OK, so to summarize my impressions of your reactions to my proposal to
trim the Core concepts to a minimum:
There are quite a few difficulties along the way, but I did not notice
any fundamental concerns on the topic.

But before we get all too busy starting with just another big rework
activity in Saros, I'd like to finish some of the started topics first,
and make a Saros release.
After that release, we can focus on the "IProject removal".

I'll put some time into the roadmap I recently told you about [1].
I'd like to hear your comments on it -- I'll write another email when
it's time.

In the time being, think of the IProject interface (and IWorkspace) as
(I don't want to actually annotate "@Deprecated" yet, as this brings
 the total number of Java warnings up from 270 to 738.)
In practical terms: Especially in Saros/I, if you work on something
that currently makes uses of these interfaces, is in some way broken
(due to the concept-mismatch), and can be expressed in another way
(e.g. with IFile, IFolder, or even completely without Saros concepts),
please go that other way.


[1] http://www.saros-project.org/roadmap

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